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The Pictures of Practice we profile here are organized to demonstrate how teachers planned, implemented, and reflected on their work with the aid of the frameworks and ideas detailed within ALPS. Although they are elementary school teachers, their methods are useful for teachers at any level.

The Colonial Biography Unit by Lois Hetland
Topic: History
Grade: 7th
ALPS Focus: Teaching for Understanding

The Colonial Biography unit was a single part of a year long 7th grade history course:

A Year of Seventh Grade English by Holly Handlin
Topic: English
Grade: 7th
ALPS Focus: Teaching for Understanding

A Year of Eighth Grade Science with Bill McWeeny
Topic: Biology/Life Science
Grade: 8th
ALPS Focus: Teaching for Understanding

The Jazz Unit Snapshot by Lisa Gruenhagen
Topic: Music
Grade: 5th Grade
ALPS Focus: Teaching for Understanding, Generative Topic Development

The Think Tank: A Discovery Room for Young Learners
Building with Kapla blocks Topic: Cultivating Critical & Creative Thinking
Grade: K-6
ALPS Focus: The Thinking Classroom

The Think Tank is an open inquiry learning center for all students at Kent Gardens Elementary. The purpose of the lab is to serve as a place for open-ended, student-directed, exploration.

Teaching for Transfer Across the Arts Project
Topic: Arts
Grade: 4 & 5
ALPS Focus: The Thinking Classroom: Teaching for Transfer

The Teaching for Transfer Across the Arts Project (TTAAP) began in 1996 as a project-based initiative for infusing the arts into the upper-elementary level curriculum at Rochester Memorial School. Its objective is to deepen students' understanding across three disciplines -- music, language arts, and the visual arts.


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WIDE World Online Courses!
WIDE World is a distance learning initiative from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It offers educators high-quality, coaching-based professional development at a distance, with a focus on teaching for understanding, thinking, assessment, and the integration of new technologies. Click here for more information.

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