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Examples of ALPS pedagogies being put into practice. Tools and activities to help you get to the heart of what matters to you in your teaching practice. Explore the Learning Regions of ALPS: Teaching for Understanding, The Thinking Classroom, Education with New Technologies Use our on-line tools and activities that help you build curriculum and create ideas. Make connections with ALPS members via forums, chat room, members directory. Take on-line courses, participate in workshops and gain professional development points. ALPS Mission, Philosophy and Who we Are. Take a guided tour of ALPS or try our kick-off Activity. Pick up your ALPS backpack.

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WIDE World Online Courses!
WIDE World is a distance learning initiative from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It offers educators high-quality, coaching-based professional development at a distance, with a focus on teaching for understanding, thinking, assessment, and the integration of new technologies. Click here for more information.

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