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Why a Reflection Tool? Why reflect? We draw conclusions everyday from our experiences. Are our conclusions reasonable and helpful to us as we plan future experiences? How can we know? Through reflection we can assess our conclusions, actions and work process itself to further our personal and professional development.

The Tool. The reflection tool is designed for you to reflect on aspects of your teaching and thinking in just a few minutes time. The first question of each series, or question set, is listed below. When you click on the question, you are taken into a series of four or five questions, the first of which is the question you clicked on. The intent of the exercise is to help you bring what you care most about into your work thoughtfully and with understanding.

Find out more about how the tool works.

Choose Your Reflection Space

General Reflections on Education

What are we doing here? The following sets of questions can help you articulate your philosophy of education. When you are done, you can save your responses to the notepad in your backpack, e-mail them, print them, or share your thoughts with other teachers.

Classroom Reflections

The following sets of questions can help you think about the atmosphere and design of your classroom.

Self-Assessment Reflections

The following sets of questions can help you think about your work this week and this year ... What have you learned this week? What have you taught this week? How are you doing in your work? The questions posed in this section are designed to provide you with some space in which you can consider your own professional development.

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WIDE World Online Courses!
WIDE World is a distance learning initiative from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It offers educators high-quality, coaching-based professional development at a distance, with a focus on teaching for understanding, thinking, assessment, and the integration of new technologies. Click here for more information.

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