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*NEW* Design Your Curriculum Unit - Online!

The new version of the Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool is now available! Take your curriculum unit to the next level with new features that help you to organize your work, interact with your design team, and share your final draft with others.

Click here to open the new CCDT!

Please note: The following information describes the earlier version of the CCDT. In Summer 2003, ALPS will move toward supporting only the newer version of the CCDT. Community members with designs created in the older version will still have access to their existing designs; more information on this move will be available at a later date. We encourage you to explore the new CCDT - click here to try it out!

The Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool (CCDT) helps you, either individually or in collaboration with others, to create or modify curriculum units that enhance teaching for understanding with new technologies.

Screen shot of the CCDT
Screen shot of CCDT

Features include:

  • built-in support or scaffolding to help you integrate Teaching for Understanding principles into your curriculum design; you may call up or dispense with these support tools as you choose,

  • collaborative tools to help you work with a team of designers, such as a message board, chat space and visual cues as to who last updated a particular part of the design,

  • the ability to attach curriculum materials, such as worksheets, handouts and links to web pages

  • the ability to add blank pages to a design for putting down your thoughts and ideas,

  • the ability to add resources and standards pages which include appropriate help for integrating materials and curriculum framework standards into the design,

Use the model below to explore the TfU framework and the type of help provided within the CCDT:

What are the big ideas that you want
your students to focus on this year?


What will students learn about?
Why is this worth learning?

Generative Topics

What will students come to
understand during this unit?

Understanding Goals

What will students do to build and
demonstrate their understanding?

Performances of Understanding
How will you and students
know what they understand?

Ongoing Assessment


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WIDE World is a distance learning initiative from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It offers educators high-quality, coaching-based professional development at a distance, with a focus on teaching for understanding, thinking, assessment, and the integration of new technologies. Click here for more information.

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