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Welcome to the ENT gallery

The ENT Gallery showcases pictures of practice by educators using Teaching for Understanding and new technologies in their classroom. These detailed examples show how curriculum designs get turned into actual practice. They include teaching and learning materials, strategies for managing technology, examples of student work, and reflections by teachers and students.

1. Connecting a Museum, Schools and a University
Topic: Developing Professional Communities for Educators
Technologies Used: MAC/PC computers; Internet sites, tools and discussion forums
ENT Resources Used: Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool (CCDT), WIDE World course
Institutions: Plimoth Plantation, Natick and Plymouth Public Schools, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Educators: Museum, school and university-based
2. Boston Latin Academy, Boston, Massachusetts, Water Quality Project
Student in Lab Topics: Water Quality
Grades: 10, 11
Unit Length: 5 weeks
Technologies Used: PC Computers, Internet, Calculator Based Laboratory (CBL)
ENT Resources Used: Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool
School: Boston Latin Academy, Boston MA
Teacher: Jerry Russell, Vasilii Petrenko
3. Sunnyside School, Pullman, Washington, Water Habitat Project
Water Habitat Project Topics: Science/Environmental Education, Literacy, Math, Geography, Civics and Government, and Art
Grades: Primary K-2; Intermediate 3-5
Unit Length: 10 week unit that can be repeated and be ongoing from school year to school year
Technologies Used: Digital camera, graphic converter, Microsoft Works and Word, Claris Homepage, First Class and Eudora e-mail, Netscape, International Education and Resource Network (I*EARN), lab and classroom computers
ENT Resources Used: Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool
School: Sunnyside School, Pullman WA
Teacher: Kristi Rennebohm Franz
4. King Philip Regional School District Bringing Text to Life
Bringing Text to Life Topics: American Literature, Performing Text
Grade: 11
Unit Length: 3-4 weeks
School: King Philip Regional High School
Teacher: Christine Greenhow
Technologies used: Video-recorder; Microsoft Word Processing for handouts; KPHS Cable studio; Television/VCR; Local newspaper for press release.
ENT Resource Used: Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool (CCDT); Meeting Hall Forum; Library Resource link to Teaching For Understanding and Educational Technology Center articles.
5. J.E. Burke Community Holiday Cards
J.E. Burke students working on their cards. Topics: English Language Arts, Desktop Publishing
Grade: 9-12
Unit Length: 6 Weeks
Technologies Used: Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker
ENT Resources Used: Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool
School: J.E. Burke High School, Boston: MA

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